The Kumano Museum of Modern Art Preparatory Room

The Kumano Museum of Modern Art Preparatory Room (KUMMA Prep Room) was set up with the aim of opening a full-scale museum in the near future. This museum will exhibit works by artists from the Kumano area, as well as invite overseas artists to create works related to Kumano. We are also planning to hold Kumano-specific art events periodically.

The first exhibition organized by the KUMMA Prep Room is Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), by renowned photographer Risaku Suzuki (born in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture), held at Kumano Shimbun’s gallery space (also in Shingu). We will hold more of such exhibitions as we work toward our goal of a space for Kumano art.

If you are interested in supporting our activities, please get in touch with us. We warmly welcome all opportunities for collaboration.

March 2016

Issei Teramoto
Director, KUMMA Prep Room
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*English Translated by Sayuri Okamoto and Sim Yee Chiang